Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we train?

We train in the Avondale GAA Hall  which is beside Wood Industries, just outside Rathdrum on the road towards Avoca...

When do we train?

Saturday from 2pm-4pm + (4-5 pm extra class for competition gymnasts and trampolinists)...

Who are the trainers/ coaches?

Les is the head coach (Senior Women’s, Men’s Artistic + Trampoline coach + Trampoline Judge) and Chairperson...


Who can join the Club?

Rathdrum Gymnastics Club is delighted to welcome boys and girls of 6 years and over...

What kind of gymnastics do we do?

We train children in Floor work, Vault, Bars, Trampoline, Beam, Tumbling, DMT (Double Mini Trampoline)...

What to wear?

For beginners there is no need to have a leotard or club tracksuit...


Registration & Term Fees and Schedule

Rathdrum Gymnastics Club is affiliated to Gymnastics Ireland (the national governing body for Gymnastics in Ireland – formerly Irish Gymnastics) The club registers all gymnasts with Gymnastics Ireland for membership and to cover insurance. This registration fee including Club membership for 2017/18 is 75 Euro for the year (September 2017-August 2018).
There are reductions for family groups. Thus:

Registration Fees 2017-2018

1 Child 75 Euro
2 Children 130 Euro
3/4 Children 185 Euro etc…


Additional Fee

There is an additional fee of 8 Euro per class to cover the running costs of the club, this is paid in term fees which are split into roughly 3 equal terms over the year


Socially Inclusive

Rathdrum Gymnastics Club is socially inclusive and is open to every child in the community regardless of financial circumstance. Please feel free to talk to any member of the committee. Details listed on the Contacts page.