Code of Ethics

Below are links to the full Code of Ethics and all other documents, we would encourage all parents to read them and to bring their children through all relevant sections. All coaches are required to have studied, understood and fully comply with the Code of Ethics. This extract from the Gymnastic Ireland Website gives a great overview of what the Code of Ethics is there for:

“We in Gymnastics Ireland are committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for young people who participate in Gymnastics Ireland, which reflects the guidelines contained in our Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport. We aim to provide gymnastics opportunities for all ages and levels of ability. We aim to develop gymnastics in Ireland from the basic participation, fun and recreational levels through to competitive levels to the highest standards.
Coaches, Parents and Administrators all have a role to play in promoting good practice at the various levels of Irish Gymnastics. The safety and welfare of every young gymnast is paramount. We hope that the guidelines and procedures outlined in the code will add to the existing good practice being applied in Clubs and furthermore ensure that good practice is applied at all levels of Irish Gymnastics”

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